236x3541Almost everyone — 81% of people — wants to be an author.

But almost nobody knows how.

That’s why I highly recommend you check out Chandler Bolt’s FREE video training course on how to go from blank page to bestseller in 2016.

This is how I went from no idea to best selling author in 88 days with Reclaiming Hope: Overcoming the Challenges of Parenting Foster and Adopted Children.

See, most of us get wrapped up in minutia, scared by the blank page, or overwhelmed… and decide to wait until “later.”

We say, “Sure, so-and-so did it, but they’re a __________ (“born writer,” single person, full-time author, etc.)…”

“That’d never work for me because I’m ___________ (married with kids, an entrepreneur, college dropout, bad writer, idealess, too busy, and so on). And besides, I have no idea where to start.”

That’s where Chandler helped me the most.

Because he became a 5-time bestselling author after getting C-minuses in English and dropping out of college — all while building a 7-figure business in just two years.

And now he’s revealing how to become a bestselling author this year.

If you’re interested but not sure if you can do it, let’s separate the facts from the fiction.

LIE #1: Becoming an author takes a lot of time.

TRUTH: Okay — this is half-true.

Traditional publishing generally takes over 14 months from first draft to published book. (Longer if you factor in time spent “pitching” your book and finding an agent, editor, or publisher.)

And if you skip the long wait by trying to figure it out on your own, it could still take years.

Because who really just “knows” how to write a book — let alone how to publish and market it?

But with Chandler’s free video course, you can learn exactly how to write, market, and publish your book this year (actually, in 90 days or less).

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Of course, your book won’t write itself overnight.

But Chandler found a 3-step approach that makes it faster and easier than ever.

His students (including myself!) have used it to become bestselling authors in just extra minutes of their spare time…. while parenting, traveling Asia, even working THREE jobs.

(Ever heard the saying, “If you want something done, ask the busy person to do it?” Turns out busy people know the secret to getting massive results from their time… and still having time for friends, family, and hobbies.)

LIE #2: You need a great idea right now.

TRUTH: You do need a solid idea for your book.

Fortunately, it’s already in you. You just need a better, easier, faster way to find it — so you can share your knowledge or story with the world.

And it’s easy: Chandler created a system that finds your book idea in just 30 minutes.

LIE #3: You need to be an English major or the next Hemingway or Malcolm Gladwell to become a bestseller.

TRUTH: Yes, writing talent helps.

But is it necessary?

Not at all. Just ask Chandler — he’s a college dropout and C-minus English student.

And he’s already published his FIFTH bestselling book.

He’s even helped non-writers in dozens of fields — engineers, managers, consultants, students, and more — create their bestselling books.

Their “secret” is a system that makes it easy to find their story and get it on paper.

And you can get the entire system in this course – it’s FREE here.

FACT: You can become a bestselling author in 90 days — and you don’t need to do it alone.

Chandler’s new video training course shows you the most effective way to cross “write a book” off your bucket list.

You’ll get the exact strategies, systems, and techniques for every step of the way, from finding your idea and making sure people will read it before you write a single word… to turning your idea into a book FAST… then hitting the bestseller list.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

> The EXACT blueprint to go from blank page to bestselling author in just 90 days — even if you’re busy, bad at writing, or don’t know where to start

> How to build momentum and FINALLY check “write a book” off your bucket list

> How Chandler turned his book into a 7-figure business featured in Business Insider

> The Bestselling Book Launch Blueprint (including Amazon’s secret “Rule of 3”)

> Case studies of bestselling authors who made $1,287, $5,500, even $12,424.03 — with additional royalty checks coming in every month

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Marcy Pusey

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