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That’s RIGHT!!! My book is NOW available in print! Both on Amazon HERE and from my printer HERE. And of course, you can still get it on Kindle.

Actually, speaking of Kindle, the price is $2.99 and will go UP by the end of the week… so now is a GREAT time to get it!

Reclaiming Hope 3D Mockup 7 .jpg

The book is doing so well and I’m excited to see the ways that it’s helping people and providing a resource for foster agencies and therapists. What a blessing to use this HARD experience and turn it into a source of hope and comfort for others (and naturally, it provides us hope and comfort, too!)

As we celebrate the first week of Advent, I keep thinking about the first candle: Hope.

Fitting, isn’t it?

This theme that has overwhelmed my heart and soul this year. And my writing. And book titles.


How desperately we need it. True hope. Not the hope that disappoints. The hope that inspires and gives and drives and comforts. I find this hope in Christ- in knowing that His ways are higher than mine. And that this momentary (or not-so-momentary) suffering has a cause for greater than my own imaginings.


And so we countdown. And we wait. And we LIVE while we wait.

Because hope will guide us.

Even when we’ve lost it and need to Reclaim it.

Share some hope this Christmas season, to anyone you know who is thinking about fostering and adopting, who is already doing it, or who works with those who are.

And, in case you missed the video of my book proof arriving…. you won’t want to miss it 😀