As some of you know, I joined Self Publishing School to play around with publishing some of my own work.

I’ve been working for the traditional book publishing industry (professionally) for eight years now. I’ve been discouraged by how subjective the process is… how many times and editor or agent couldn’t find anything “wrong” with my work, but just didn’t fall in love… So it stays in my file, unread by children everywhere.

I revisited my WHY for writing. Was it the prestige of a publishing house choosing my work? Was it for the money? (HA!)

I write for two reasons.

  1. I write for me. It’s life-giving. It helps me to process and understand my world. My favorite quote sums it up:
  2. IWriteBecauseI write because I want to encourage others. If anything I’ve experienced can offer comfort, wisdom, hope for others… then I want to share it.

So why am I waiting for ONE person in the world to fall in love with my book? When really, I just want it in the hands of readers. I’ve written articles in books and gotten reader feedback that made it SO worth it. Even though I didn’t really make money on the article, the fact that someone’s life was changed, moment was changed, anything for the better… is worth it.

And that is why I joined Self Publishing School. I want to play. I want to learn. I want to get my writing into the hands of people who need to know they aren’t alone. Who need to hear they are normal. Who need a friend to hug them (through a book).

That’s why I’ve chosen to write on a topic very close to my heart… adoption and foster care. There are so, so many challenges that catch us off guard. We’re left feeling ashamed, guilty, resentful, confused, hopeless and helpless.

But when I find another person who gets it, who lives their own version of my story, my burden is lifted a little. Having walked through these ten major challenges ourselves, I want to demystify the experience for those interested, help friends and family know how to best support us (and orphans in general) and provide a sense of camaraderie to everyone in the trenches with us.

It’s not an easy road… but it’s a beautiful road. Beautifully messy and painful. It makes us people who’ve met our deepest parts, the ugly and the lovely.

This is my first project. I hope you’ll join me in launching the book when it comes. We’ll be having a BIG ‘ol party! And I’d love your help spreading the word.

And if you’d like to join my book-supporter team, sign up here.

(By the way, I am LOVING Self Publishing School! Feel free to ask me more about my experience… but I’m a lifer with them and really wouldn’t be doing this without them…)