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I sat, only two days ago, contemplating the theme that would serve to enliven my already favorite month of the year… October. I considered, and even polled friends on, what topic to choose.

My mind wandered (as is the norm) and I realized that the only reason I can write at all is because my dad is an amazingly talented author himself.

In fact, he’s the author of the best-selling book of all time.

He used ghost-writers, so you won’t find his name on the copy. Not directly anyway. It’s hidden in the story… kind of like Stan Lee  always sneaks into the movies made his comic characters.

Regardless, that’s only one story he has written.

He’s written the most stories of anyone on the planet too.

He has self-published, e-published, and published traditionally. Many of his best stories aren’t even published at all… just made available freely to whoever wants to read them.

His stories are the stuff editors and publishers drink up and spit out in rapid fire succession.

Sex and scandals. Betrayal and murder. Drama and Suspense. Good guys and bad guys… winners and losers. Heart break and heart hope. Surprise endings with twists of courage, survival, and wrongs righted.

No vampires though. Or werewolves.

His villains are worse.

And his heroes and heroines way outshine Edward and Katniss. (Though don’t get me wrong, Ed and Kat are cool).

But now I’m bragging.

If I can write at all, it’s because of him. It’s in the genes.

Except I’m adopted. And actually… I decided on this topic because, well, he’s adopted quite a few. I have brothers and sisters around the world that I’ve never met… maybe you are one of them. And if you are, then it makes sense. That if you have a gift for something incredible… it’s probably from dad.

Perhaps your talent isn’t writing. Well, my dad has lots of talents that I don’t personally have. But there are some I do. And the ones I don’t… well, I’ve found that one of my brothers and sisters do.

That’s what makes my family so awesome. His genes and his adoptive heart make for an incredibly eclectic family. And if I’m not good at something, one of my brothers or sisters is good at it.

And they help me out.

I help them out.

We’re tight like that.

And of course Dad is always available. He’s great about teaching us everything he knows… so we can get better at our own crafts. He really wants the world to be a better place… that makes him the most selfless person I know. He gives everything to improve me.

He loves me too much to leave me mediocre. To leave our planet mediocre.

I love my dad.

If you don’t know him, I hope to introduce him to you this month. He’s always looking for new “kids” to adopt. I’m sure he’d take you in too.

These posts this month will serve as an outlet for confession… yes, the confession that everything I’m good at… I learned from him.

I’m not self-made.

Phew, it’s out there. I’ve said it.

I am not self-made.

And I’m not self-sustained either. Without my dad… well… who knows what I’d be doing with my life.

So join me this month! I will share the different professions my dad has and how he hands those down to my siblings and I. Perhaps you’ll learn a thing or two about parenting, or improving your craft, or just how awesome my dad is.

He’s writing a story for me too.

Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith…

Hebrews 12:2

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